Lifelong High-Return Investment with One-on-One Tai Chi Coaching 

Experience the Power of Personalized Tai Chi Coaching for Holistic Health Improvement


Tailored Coaching for Lasting Results

At The Healing Hut, we offer exclusive one-on-one tai chi coaching sessions designed to meet your individual needs. With a focus on sustainable holistic health improvement, our tailored approach guarantees results that last a lifetime.

Personalized Progress Monitoring

Our dedicated coach Jingjing will work closely with you to monitor your progress every step of the way. By reviewing and optimizing your tai chi practice, we help you build new healthy habits, improve your balance, focus, vitality, and overall quality of life.


Life-Long Positive Impact

Over the past 45 years, extensive research, including more than 500 trials and 120 systematic reviews, has highlighted Tai Chi’s health benefits, some evidence-based benefits of Tai Chi from research findings are as below:

  • "40-60 minutes of Tai Chi, thrice weekly, significantly reduces fatigue" .
  • "Improves sleep quality among cancer survivors" 
  • "Reduces anxiety and depression symptoms" 
    Supports overall mental well-being" 
  • "NO reported adverse events from Tai Chi participation" 
  • "Higher adherence rates compared to traditional exercises" 

Experience the life-long positive impact of our tai chi coaching package. With the 10th session on us, you can rest assured that your journey to better health and well-being is in good hands. Start Tai Chi and enjoy high-quality life from now on.

Heartfelt Testimonials from Our TaiChi Community

' My first contact with Jing Jing was at The Healing Hut for body & energetic healing. She is a gifted healer & practitioner. I was then enthusiastic about participating in an 8 week Tai Chi course. I highly recommend her and have benefitted from her dynamic teaching.' 

-Annie M

'Jing Jing is the most wonderful Tai chi and Qigong teacher that you will find. She is very knowledgeable, a natural teacher, makes classes fun but expects students to work and learn and make sure we all do. She is a master Tai chi practitioner who loves to share her wisdom . She had a depth of knowledge and enthusiasm you only rarely find in a teacher. Can't recommend her enough! '

-Judy C

'My partner and I had a wonderful private Qi Gong workshop with Jing Jing when we were staying in Nelson. She has such a clear and understandable way of sharing the theory and practice of Qi Gong, Tai Chi and Chinese medicine principles. Her knowledge and experience runs deep but she makes it all very accessible and you can immediately feel the benefits of the Qi Gong practice. No matter what your level of experience with Qi Gong or mind-body work, I'm sure you will leave Jing Jing's sessions feeling enlightened and inspired! '

-Tarvis N

One-on-One Tai Chi Coaching -The Healing Hut By the Beach